Perfect 1st Marketing Career - Paid Training, Travel, Growth

Perfect 1st Marketing Career - Paid Training, Travel, Growth
If you're looking to apply your life experiences & leadership skills while gaining valuable opportunities to grow, travel and mentor - email your resume by clicking on "Reply"
We are looking for energetic, career-minded individuals to join us in our regional expansion goals for 2015! You will join our team as an entry level marketing and sales representative and will grow and advance into a leadership and management role.
Our development program is designed to cross-train the right candidate in all aspects of business and marketing as well as in corporate communication and team leadership.
The focus is to prepare for a position as one of our Branch Market Managers: overseeing campaigns, clients and supervising a team of 15-20 employees.
Come and be part of our expanding young company!
RRM Offers:
Full-time and Part-time opportunity, with excellent weekly bonuses
Competitive compensation package including commissions and paid training
Weekly coaching and feedback from your manager to ensure your success
Professional atmosphere in a motivating and dynamic environment
BEAUTIFUL location
Free parking for all FULL time staff
Huge opportunity for $$ motivated individuals
Paid Travel opportunity, including Recognition trips and R&R weekends
Promotions ONLY from within, based on individual performance (no seniority, no waiting just bc someone has been there longer than you!) - YOU decide how quickly you advance!!
Please Apply to RRM's Team if the following apply:
Team leadership experience
The ability and motivation to travel and learn new things
Knowledge of marketing and advertising strategies
Willingness to learn and apply new concepts
Door to Door Sales or Face to Face Customer Service Experience
Excellent communication, problem solving skills, time management, organization, and multi-tasking abilities
High level of professionalism, honesty, and drive, with a passion to excel
18 years or older
If you are looking for a challenge with an upbeat company that provides fast-paced growth, an exciting atmosphere, and a team-oriented environment then apply today.
Email your resume today
If you're a leader and looking for an energetic firm to get your foot in the door with, then email your resume to our team today!

Don't Be Fooled

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